The Centre for Historical Research and Documentation on War and Contemporary Society is a federal research and documentation centre. It is a Belgian centre of expertise on the history of the great political, social and cultural conflicts and turning points of the twentieth century. It aims to function as a platform for scientific and social activities, where both researchers and a generally interested public are involved. The thematic focus is on both World Wars and their (long-term) causes and effects. Other conflicts and totalitarian ideologies that have marked twentieth century society are other points of interest.

The CegeSoma aims to acquire, preserve and make available and accessible documentation in the form of archival material, books, periodicals and audiovisual documents. It also conducts and stimulates scientific research and widely spreads its results. The centre actively collects personal archives and the archives of private institutions. In recent years, the CegeSoma also acquired expertise in the field of digitisation and Digital Humanities.

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